I know that I cannot be the only person who likes to read the comments under a post.  Comments are made of words and each word has its own meaning described using various other words.   So, I read through this list of the ‘100 Most beautiful Words in the English Language’ at http://deshoda.com/ and then, naturally, I read the comments.  Normally, when people comment on posts they don’t try to appear ‘smart’, they just write whatever comes to mind.  I found the following comments, among others, to be full of ‘Eloquence’ andGlamourthat I would like to look upon again in myLeisure’.  Enjoy!

‘The way that beautiful words feel when you say them out loud is like a great drug.’

‘What a delight to learn there are others who enjoy & appreciate words for their own sake.  And I’m tired of explaining that etymology has nothing to do with bugs.’

‘I particularly enjoy effluance, for the contrast betwixt meaning and sound, and crepuscular, that there can even exist a word which describes such a beautiful thing so beautifully.’

‘I enjoyed reading the comments. i was extremely entertained. thank you.’