My older sister came to visit me yesterday and we simply took a break from homework and just relaxed.  We ended up watching random YouTube videos online and we came across a parody of Sesame Street and the song ‘I’m Sexy and I Know it’ by LMFAO.  I was intrigued.  So, we watched it and it has been stuck in my head all day.
It has the same catchy tune as LMFAO’s original song itself but it has the adorableness of the little red Sesame Street monster Elmo.  The clips from the show have been cut and mashed together well and are consistent throughout the song.  I wanted to share this with more people not only because it was successfully stuck in my head but because it has an awesome little back story.
Posted by ,  Jeff C.’s kids came up with this “crazier than life version of this song that really does wonders for “cleaning it up”. He is so proud of them and I believe that a lot of other people will be impressed as well.
Listen, Watch and Enjoy!

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