openbox:  What happens to our artist vision when we remove our sense of sight?  How do we process our world?

An artist who was born with vision and was able to see art, I think, would have a harder time continuing to create art after their sight was lost.  An artist who has been learning to create art from the start without sight would still be just as successful.  If I used myself as an example, I am a photography major, I realy heavily on sight.  I don’t think that I could learn to adapt to taking photos without my sense of vision.  I could still set up the camera and take the photograph, but I wouldn’t get the pleasure out of seeing it.  Yes, someone could describe what the picture was of, but its not the same.  My challenge for this project will be finding a way to create a photograph that I blind person would be able to experience through senses other than sight.  My artist process would change drastically as I would most likely end up working with more textural elements or leave the art scene as more a hobby that I could try to conquer.Please leave thoughts and ideas below!