Our sense of taste arouses us physically and emotionally.  Food sustains us, excites us, but most importantly it nourishes our social connections to one another.  I was asked what my favorite food was and if i could draw any connections between that food and a memory.  My absolute favorite food is chocolate.  Since it is my favorite food, I have many memories and thoughts connected to that food.  My friends know that I like it so much that they will buy my ‘Party Size’ bags of M&Ms for birthdays and Christmas.  Chocolate brings up many memories as I have eaten it quite a bit;  baking chocolate chip cookies for Santa, mugs of hot chocolate with a mound of whipped cream after playing out in the snow for hours, and the first time I  had Belizean chocolate in January when I traveled to Belize.  All of my memories with chocolate are positive, I dont remember anything negative about any experiences other than the fact that once I’m out of my supply, I find I’m really craving it.  Enjoy…some chocolate!