I have gone through many observations with the five senses: sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing.  I have done things where each of these senses have been isolated or taken away.  Using my sense of sight to discover what others cannot see.  Using my sense of touch to discover ‘what’s in the box?’ projects.  Using my sense of taste to experience food sampling cooked by fellow students.  Using my sense of smell to participate in scent exploration.  And using my sense of hearing to guide me through my many blindfolded walks through various parks. 

It started with lists upon lists of words.  Words that described my experiences and observations of isolating a sense or losing it.  Words like mysterious, windy, constant, barking, thick, feel, warmth, foreign, unidentified, hesitant, chill, and liberating.  With these word we are collective poem with five of our most common words.  My five words:
1.  Mystery
2.  Exploration
3.  Journey
4.  Liberation
5.  Discover
The over arching theme I saw in these words was life, so naturally to contradict that, death.  I was to write a five-line poem using each of these words.  Together there will be six total individual poems that we will need to re-work to make on continuous, cohesive poem.  The following is what I came up with from my words to say somehting about life and death:

Life & Death
life is a journey.
everyday a mystery.
to discover,
you must explore.
death is your liberation. 

I like how my poem turned out, it has a general sense that most readers can grasp onto, and it is general enough that it can encompass six other poems with ranging topics.  It speaks of life in a happy way as journey that you take part in.  Life is a mystery because you never know what life can throw onto your path.  You have to discover the mysteries and to do that you must explore them, figure things out on your own and find their meaning.  Death is not meant to be a bad thing, it is a part of life, unavoidable.  When you embrace the fact that all life must end you are liberated and are no longer hindered by the fear that comes with death.  In death everything will become clear, all of the mysteries and the discoveries will make sense.  Your life’s journey led you here, to your death, to your moment of liberation, freedom.