Photograph by Jeff Curtes

I think that this image is stunning.  The contrast between the shadows and natural sunlit areas is amazing.  All  of the snow seen in this photographs has the same rich blue-gray-white hues and they contrasts nicely with the snowboarder’s lime green snowboarding jacket.  The blue-gray-white hues in this photograph reminds me of photos of surfers riding waves.  Surfing photos have almost the same blue-gray-white colors with just some hints of green thrown in, as it is the ocean and not frozen water.  The shape of the glacier that the snowboarder is jumping off of looks somewhat like a wave frozen in time to allow the snowboarder to experience the thrill multiple times.

I found this photo on the National Geographic ‘Extreme Photo of the Week’ page on their website.  They, as the title says, show a photo of extreme nature every week.  This week, the photo depicts Jussi, a freestyle snowboarder.  “Jussi is a pure freestyler, a fantastic jumper, and a really good and stylish jibber,” said photographer Jeff Curtes.  The photograph of Jussi Oksanen was taken at the Ice Station Zebra Glacier in Methven, New Zealand with a Canon EOS 1D camera body and Canon 70-200 mm lens.   This image was shot with no additional lighting as “there were plenty of natural reflections, so it was the easy choice,” says Curtes.  The article said that the low-precipitation snow season created the exquisite glacial landscape you see in the Methven photograph. “The snow bridges were minimal, so we moved confidently with our guides through the otherwise sketchy terrain,” said photographer Curtes. “When [Oksanen] saw the ice, his eyes lit up with possibilities.”