I am in love with all things National Geographic.  I found the results of this contest and I love each of the photos.  There were over 1,800 photos submitted to the National Geographic Student Expeditions Photo Contest.  High School students were instructed to submit a photograph that captured the spirit of exploration and discovery.  Out of twenty-five finalists, three winners were chosen for 3rd, 2nd, and Grand Prize.  The grand-prize winner, Timothy Brooks, will travel to London this summer to participate in the National Geographic Student Expeditions London Photography Workshop.

Coyote Curled at Sunset – Grand Prize Winner – Timothy Brooks

“With a strong vision and sense of smell, and the ability to reach up to forty miles per hour, coyotes are symbolic of adventure. I was fortunate enough to find this wild coyote while visiting Yellowstone National Park. It leaped and ran under tree branches and between boulders. I made sure not to disturb the coyote, and when it lay down on top of a hill I was able to include the coyote’s environment in the background. This image displays the coyote’s vast habitat, and a sense of mysteriousness and exploration, through its single eye staring back at the camera.”

Second Place: Midnight Light – Lijah Hanley

Third Place: The Caiman in the Water -Grant Lauer

check out all of the finalists photographs here: