If you have read a few posts from earlier this year, you know about a class I took called ‘The Open Box Project’.  The gist of the project we were assigned was to create a piece of work that would represent our journey through the class and be able to be experienced by the visually impaired, as we are sharing their gallery space.

My connect or journey through the class focused on the aspects of life and death and the cycle of that in time.  Right before the class ended and we were entering summer and the time to physically create our projects, all of the little dandelion weeds started popping up.  Most people see them for what they are: weeds. I saw them as the answer to my project.  Dandelions go through a life and death cycle. First they start off as a bud, then they bloom into their yellow stage.  Then shrink back into a bud and turn into this big pouf-y white seed that ends up being spread everywhere to start the process all over again.  The life and death of a Dandelion.  I started seeing these weeds as flowers.  Odd as that seems because they are actually a pain in the but to anyone who mows lawns.

So being a photographer, I took photos of the dandelions at each of these stages: closed, yellow and pouf-y.  I had these images printed at 24inches by 24inches and  needed to figure out how to have the visually impaired be able to experience a photograph.  I ran through many ideas and finally decided on one.  I ended up etching the floral forms in to 2ftx2ft pieces of glass that were about 1/4inch thick.  I used a dremel tool and various different tips to create the different textures in the surface of the glass.  I ended with three pieces of glass and three photographs.



Now I needed a title.  The Life and Death of the Dandelion seemed long and kind of self-explanatory to me.  SO i thought about it some more and remembered that when I was a little girl I used to pick the pouf-y whit flowers and try to blow all of the white seeds off and make a wish at the same time.  It was a dandelion wish.  That was a great title: Dandelion Wishes.  Simple and to the point.  I also found som really cute glass vials online and decided to make some actual dandelion wishes of my own.

We do have a gallery show coming up to showcase the work of the Open Box class as well as other local visually impaired artists work in October.  I will be sure to post the invitation as soon as it gets a little closer.  Maybe Ill see you there =)