Over the summer I was bit by the creative bug and started trying out different crafting ideas, Pintrest helped fuel this interest.  I found a really simple one to do that would work great for Fall which is coming up a lot sooner than I thought it was on September 22. A paper leaf wreath sounded perfect to hang on my door.


Its a really simple project.
1. Cut out a bunch of leaves from a newspaper, I used a few pages of the Onion for mine.
2. Pick out different colors of water colors for your wreath. Warm reds, oranges and yellows would work great for Fall.
3. Water down your paint so that it becomes transparent enough to see the words of your newsprint.
4. Divide your leaves into piles of how many colors you chose and paint them.
5. As your leaves are drying cut the center out of a paper plate.
6. Once your leaves are dry glue them to the back of your paper plate, arrange them how you think looks best.

Your wreath is done!  You can now hang it for everyone to see =)