There is a new show in the Northwestern Mutual Art Gallery at Cardinal Stritch.  This show contains many works of aren’t from various artists.  There are insect made out of metal, photographs printed on canvas and embellished with a gel paint and old windows and doors with various robots painted on them (pictured above).  The overall feel of the show was simply fun.  The insects were coppery and some were placed on the wall, others in little habitats that were created out of wood to look natural.  Each bug had a face of a student or staff worker that the artist knew.  The photographs on the canvas were of differing scenes; my favorite was one of a small child that was overlaid with a landscape scene.  It was a juxtaposition of human and nature, but it worked together beautifully with the composition and then the added embellishments.  My favorite work was the painted robots by Naomi Kaufman-Wickens (  Her old windows depict cartoonized robots painted on glass.  The one pictured above reminds me of my sisters and I.  We are each a bit quirky but still individual and unique.  The robots are so playful and colorful.

Overall the show was very interesting and each artist seemed to add their own unique twist to their work.  The robots were painted but not on canvas or wood but on glass.  The metal bugs were sculptural insects but they had included a personal touch with the faces of the individuals they know.  And lastly the photographs had added embellishments added to them to create another layer to the photo instead of adding another layer in Photoshop  it gave them texture.  I am excited to see what the next show will bring: ‘Beyond Vision: A Tactile Exhibition