Last night I attended my first film at the Milwaukee Film Festival at the Oriental Theater.  I had never gone before but I definitely plan to go again.  I went to see a show entitled ‘The Milwaukee Show’.  It was a set of ten short films shown back-to-back with short intermissions when the creators of the film – directors, producers, actors – all came up on the stage and talked for a few minuets about their films.

The films themselves were each a different cultural aspect of Milwaukee.  The first ‘film’ we saw wasn’t actually a part of the show, but it was still a great short movie.  It was a documentary about the 24 hour bike ride held downtown. I had no idea there even was such a thing!  It was so cool and insightful, it was a great little intro piece to The Milwaukee Show.  The ten shows in the line up were 1. Gears, 2. Sing (for trouble), 3. Walking Piece, 4. So I Could Fly Away, 5. THe Evilest of Sorcerers, 6. Cat Waco, 7. She Leaves the City, 8. Reflection, 9. Studies in Space, and 10. The Vampire Formerly Known as Dracula.  My least favorite shows were the ones that had no plot, were super short and made no sense whatsoever.  Unfortunately, that was about half of the films.  The other films in the lineup were great!

I have two favorites from The Milwaukee Show.  They happened to be the very last two films shown.  Numbers 9 and 10.  ‘Studies in Space’ was a very artistic piece.  A beautiful woman sang in an opera-esque voice through the whole film while ballet dancers preformed to the song in slow motion with flowing dresses and paint and beads and feathers.  The colors were so vivid paired with the exquisite details and locations combined with the extreme talents of the dancers in slow-motion.  It was a really extraordinarily beautiful film.  My other favorite was the last film of the night: ‘The Vampire Formerly Known as Dracula’.  It was a comedy with a plot and it had modern references as well as references to the original story of Dracula.  Another interesting fact about this piece was that it was actually written by a young man in the ninth grade!  It was such a great funny script, I enjoyed watching it so much.

I definitely plan to go see this event again next year and I hope that I can branch out to see other films at the Milwaukee Film Festival this year as well!  It runs for another seven days!  =)