3 environments – 30 shots – 90 images – 1000 words

Everyone has their own environments, their own spaces in which they dwell.  But we don’t often think of these spaces specifically or what details about them reflect our personality or our lives.  I took part in a 90 image project to show the difference between the Small – Medium – Large size files on a camera.  But I found it to be more than just an exercise, I discovered things that I had forgotten about.  I saw my environments in a new way.  Everyone might see something different or feel a different emotion with each image, but that is the beauty of photography – being able to notice more about a captured that environment as it had been at that specific time.

IMG_6152The photo above is an image of the lamp that is in my room.  I chose to focus on the lights that were in my apartment as my environment.  This lamp has seen a lot.  I got it from my sister, and she had received it from our grandmother.  This lamp was bought from a garage sale and its entire previous history of owners and where it was placed in the room is unknown, except to the lamp itself.  Its interesting to think that the lamp would have a further history, after all its just a lamp.  Of course only my sister, my grandmother and myself might be able to piece together its recent past.  However, most people who would just look upon this photo and see a part of a lamp, they would not know where this lamp is or who its been owned by.  They would see a piece of technology that is fading out.  A lamp that gives off the orangey glow and might notice that the lightbulb is not one we see very much anymore as more and more people are switching to an energy efficient option of lighting.  The difference is in interpretation.


My next environment was my kitchen.  I took photos of the stove, close up shots of the sink, dripping water, food, fruit, etc.  I found this photo to be the most intriguing out of the 30 that I shot, not for a personal reason like the previous image, but for its aesthetic properties.  This photo, I admit, is not all that great, with its colors and composition, but its more of an inspiration for a future possible project.  The depth of field makes the viewer focus on the blade of the knife.  The blade is a reflective surface.  It is a photo of a knife in a kitchen and you can see crumbs beneath its holder.  The knife is not actually in its slot in the knife holder.  This poses some questions about the image, and I think thats good.  Its intriguing by what it does not tell the viewer.  This has inspired me to take more photos of reflective surfaces in different environments – sort of an extended exercise of this project.