Every college has a spring break.  Each year I have spent my spring break on a Habitat for Humanity trip to a location outside of Wisconsin.  My freshman year, we went to New York, as a sophomore we traveled to West Virginia and last year we made our way down to Louisiana.  This year, for my final trip, we are headed to the Jersey Shore.  Cumberland County, New Jersey was hit, among many other east coast locations, by Hurricane Sandy back in October.  Many of these places are still under recovery and will be in those stages for a long while.  We, a group of thirty students from Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee, will be traveling to this location and spending a week working on construction projects, painting projects, building projects and whatever they need help with while we are there during the week.  In the past we have roofed a house, painted walls, cut out windows and installed them; we are prepared to do almost anything.

Being a group of thirty students, we like to have some thing that will visually bond us on a job site.  So a teeshirt is given to each participant.  Every year the shirt is designed specifically around that trip.  Being one of the only participants going on the trip who has any experience with art and design.  I wanted to incorporate something from New Jersey to be on the shirt, so at first glance a viewer might now that the shirts is for something specific.  The first thought I had was jersey Shore the show.  I don’t watch the show, but I have friends who do.  We decided that that wasn’t a good route to go on.  We are traveling there to help with hurricane relief.  It was thought to imitate the ‘I ❤ NY’ shirts because New Jersey is their bordering neighbor.  But as we had gone to NY and had a similar shirt three years earlier, I was pushed to come up with something else, a third option.


I needed some inspiration and found out that New Jersey’s main industry is clamming and other hurricane related facts.  But the most interesting thing that I discovered is that the state of New Jersey is in the shape of an ‘S’.  I thought that since Stritch starts with an ‘S’ why not incorporate that into the shirt.  I used the state’s shape to be the ‘s’ in “Stritch’.  Since all thirty of us are traveling together for a common goal, it unifies us and makes us a team.


I used customink.com to design this draft of my design.  Now its on to printing them and having them made =)