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I have had the opportunity to photograph the last few gallery shows at Cardinal Stritch University.  Opening nights are my favorite.  I am able to see the work revealed for the first time with everyone else.  I am able to meet and converse with the artists who did the extraordinary work.  I am able to see the interaction between viewer and artist.  And I am able to capture that moment when someone sees their favorite work of art in that particular show.


‘The League of Milwaukee Artists’ was a show and a competition of sorts.  Nearly thirty artists brought their favorite works and they were hung in the gallery.  Before the opening of the show to the the public, selected judges went around and awarded 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes to the best artworks based on concept, technique and execution.


I was able to see the artist’s faces when they saw that they won, and the congratulations they received and the happiness they felt was emanating through the whole room.  The majority of the guests in attendance were family and friends of the artists and there was a lot of mingling going on.  The work struck up conversations, and the artist struck up conversations.  One family who came to visit even met a distant relative for the first time…who was one of the artists!


Gallery shows are a great place to discover something about art, something about artists, and even something about yourself.  The next gallery show opening at Cardinal Strtich University will be on April 19th from 5-8pm in the Joan Stele Center of Fine Arts (CFA).