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Since it is raining today, I thought I’d share a project that I completed a while back.  It is a fun little video that will hopefully lift your spirits on this gloomy, gray day.



This was a project where we were all learning how to create a short film on iMovie.  it was just a short project that was a lot of fun to make.  We learned the very basics of how to import our media, edit clips, apply transitions, and create a story in just two minutes.

We have since ‘graduated’ to Final Cut Pro X.  The ‘grown-up’ version you could say.  Final Cut has a broader range of things that you can do with a video; from the import menus to the ability to edit specific parts of a transition – it is just a higer grade of the program.  The possibilities are endless as long as you have the time to learn how to use the program.  The best way to do that, that I have found, is to simply play with it, try new things and discover.