A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to see a friend give their senior recital.  I used to dance ballet and have recitals of my own and I know how exciting and nervous it can be.  My friend’s recital was a voice recital and it was amazing.

PicsArt_1364068947266I would never consider myself a singer, I’m more of a hummer.  It’s not that I can’t sing at all, but I know that I am not great, and that knowledge allows me to have a greater appreciation for singers and vocal artists.  I am always impressed by what vocal artists can do with their voice and how creative they can be with a performance.  Music is its own form of art, from recitals to major movie scores, its takes hard work, dedication and natural talent.

I had attended my friend’s Junior Recital last year and she was able to mix humor and sound in such a fantastic way I was glad that I could see it again this year.  He started, as I assume most recitals do, with different sets of songs in different languages.  But then, when she switched to English, she started to make fun of her self through her song selections and everyone loved it.  It was a great performance and I am sure that the Music Department here at Stritch will be sad to see her graduate but everyone is excited to see what she will do next.  Congratulations again Friend!