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I am a movie person, rain or shine, I am up for heading out to the theater or even simply watching a movie on the couch at home.  Movies, much like books, can transport you into a different world for hours.  Also, much like books, I wouldn’t judge a book by its cover.  So, when I was stumbling along, I found a site that had collected pictures of unofficial movie posters (site listed below).

I love some aspects of the images and agree with some things, but for other posters, I can see why they went with the one that was released to the public.  I gathered together some of the unofficial ones and searched down the released ones and posted them below.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

I love in the original that it is very literal of what a ‘Hobbit’ is, there are a variety of colors and it looks almost realistic.  However, in the unofficial poster, the image depicts more pieces that happen in the movie (and book) and melds them all together in one really successful image.  Its a toss up for me on these designs as they are both great in their own ways.


The Goonies

I grew up with the Goonies, so I am partial for seeing all of the faces of the cast, and the fact that it is hand-drawn is a really neat factor.  However, I also really like simplicity and detail in the unofficial design as well.  Like in The Hobbit‘s unofficial poster, I really like the different aspects that the artist was able to incorporate; from the pirate ship being the hole for the nose to the boy’s heads being the gaps between the skulls teeth…Genius.   My vote: The Un-official poster.


Iron Man 3

I love the Iron Man movies and I am so excited that they are coming out with a third one (poster below).  The official poster includes Tony Stark in his iconic Iron Man suit, with the red suit and the blue glow of the arc-reactor.  The suit is presented in an action stance and draws the viewer into the image instantly.  The unofficial poster is not as impressive.  For an action based movie, the simple lines do not hold my attention as well.  As much as the idea of going from the water to the air in flight is really cool, I don’t think that it is as successful.  My vote: The Original.


Saving Private Ryan

I first watched this movie with my dad when I was younger, and the poster for it at that time was great – with the images of soldiers faded over the background of clouds and the silhouette of the lone soldier it is such a  great images itself for the movie poster.  However, I really like the artistic interpretation of the unofficial poster as well.  The idea of all of the soldiers graves and the grave of Private Ryan not being there is very effective, but it takes some thinking and I can see why it wasn’t chosen.  As much as I love the artistry in the un-official poster, I would have to vote for the Original Poster.


I thought these comparisons and differing images were very interesting to look at and think about.  I gave my vote, feel free to give yours as well in a comment below.  And check out the rest of the unofficial movie posters as well here: