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This May I will have finished all the classes and earned all of the credits that I need to graduate with my minor in Writing here at Stritch.  One of the last requirements for this program is to take part in a Senior Seminar Reading.  This semester, we have four Seniors who will be reading, including myself.  Each of us is given approximately twelve minutes to read original works of art that we have edited and prepared for the big day.

In addition to the writing work of poetry, prose, fiction and non-fiction, we had to have a bit of design time to create our invitations and programs to promote our event.  So, we traveled to a computer equipped with Adobe Photoshop CS6 and we brainstormed up our design below.



We had decided that the colors we were going to decorate our space would be Teal and Cantaloupe.  So, our first step was to scour the internet for an image we would like as the background.  Originally, we had looked for a watercolor that incorporated the two colors, but they just didn’t seem to work as well as the image above.  When we found this photograph, my fellow writers didn’t know how it was a photo.  I explained to them that this was a style of photography called Bokeh.  Bokeh is a way to describe the aesthetic quality of blurred light…I don’t think they quite understood me.  But we moved on to placement of words and what shades of grey and white we wanted to use for each line.

Normally, I would have just made a few mock-up designs based off of what I knew we needed and brought them into class and they would have voted.  But they wanted to help with the designing process.  So they were with me every step of the way to decide on everything.  They weren’t very opinionated at first, really very  quiet.  As we got further into the design, they became more and more comfortable expressing exactly how they felt about something.

Our design looks great in my opinion; it matches the color scheme that we had decided on almost perfectly.  It’s straight-forward, simple and to the point.  Our event should run almost as smoothly with a reading then a reception to follow.  With the four readers and all of our friends and family it should be a great event.