I have always wanted a wax seal, like the ones that you see in movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and Phantom of the Opera. It would be a completely useless thing today because envelopes come with the pre-sticky seals already on them.  But how cool would it be to be able to add that added touch to your letters – and to have it personalized.  So, where did I turn…Pinterest.


STEP 1: Buy your supplies, most you can buy from Wal-mart or a hardware store.

STEP 2: Cut your dowel to your desired size with a saw

STEP 3: Sand the rough edges and make the ends flat.

STEP 4: Trace out your design on the end (either a seal or your family crest).


STEP 5: Use the wood burner to burn your design into the end of the dowel.

seal5seal3 seal4

STEP 6: Apply a coat of wood stain to the dowel to help seal it.

STEP 7: Dip the end of the dowel with the seal into the oil

STEP 8: Melt a crayon or candle over the edge of your envelope.

STEP 9: Stamp the seal into the wax, wait a few seconds and remove.


STEP 10: Allow the wax to cool and harden

Pinners Note:  Do NOT dip the end of the burnt seal design in to oil, instead apply a coat of clear nail polish to seal the pores of the wood.  This is smooth enough that the wax will not stick to the design of the seal and you won’t make a mess with the oil which doesn’t work anyway.  Also, crayon wax appeared to be too thin to use for the seal, use instead candle wax or actual seal wax.