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I found this pin as I was looking up different ideas to use for camp this year. Need a cute bow really fast, and not one that looks like you just tied your shoes.  It is really inexpensive and easy to create…with a few frustrations.


STEP 1: Measure out a length of ribbon about the length of your forearm and cut that of one color.

STEP 2: Start on one end of the fork and weave between the prongs of the fork.

STEP 3: Keep weaving through the prongs.


STEP 4: End with the ends of the ribbon on opposite sides of the fork.

STEP 5: Tie these ends together.


STEP 6: Cut a four inch piece of the other color ribbon and loop through the middle two prongs.

STEP7: Tie the second ribbon ends together.


STEP 8: Slide the ribbon off of the fork.

Pinner’s Notes:   Make sure that you hold the ribbon onto the fork as you weave it back and forth or it will slip off the end.  Tie each of the ribbons very tight, you can even add a spot of glue to help to keep it in place after you tie it.  This bow was super simple if you want custom made bows, but otherwise it would be easier to just buy actual bows.


One thing that I realized, is that Pinterest pins do not give clear instructions on what to do and when and how to do things.  You have to improvise and create as you go, which is part of the fun.  Either you use a few hours and make something really cool, or you waste a few hours and have a piece that will spark conversations.