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I had some left over lace from my yard of fabric for my shorts, so I decided to try another project with what I had left over.  As I have explained earlier, lace is a big fashion trend lately, an d I have always liked lace.  I also love being able to ‘upcycle’ or recycle old pieces of clothing to make them new again but in a different way.  You could do this project with a long sleeved shirt, ¾ length or the t-shirt style that I used.  I had white lace, so I used a darker green shirt for contrast.


STEP 1: Choose your shirt and your lace.  They can contrast or compliment or even be the same color.

STEP 2: Cut a strip of fabric off of the top of the sleeve.  Make sure this is even and about 1.5 inches wide.

STEP 3: Cut a rectangular shape of lace and pin it to the inside of the shirt sleeve.


STEP 4: Tack the lace to the sleeve, or use a sewing machine to finish this edge (machine is faster).

STEP 5: Turn the shirt back around so that it is no inside out.


STEP 6: Cut around the design where the sleeve ends to give the bottom of the sleeve a bit more character.


STEP 7: Repeat these steps for the other sleeve.

Pinner’s Notes:  As I made this edit to the shirt, I realized that, yes it was a cute way to add a bit of pizzazz to an old t-shirt, but why not take it a step further.  I thought of adding a faux pocket to the front right of the shirt, using the lace that I have not yet used.  I have not finished this next step yet, but I will post photos when I do.  This last addition will give the shirt that extra little new idea.  Of course, using a sewing machine will make the process faster and easier and the stitching will look more uniform, but it is not necessary for this project.  Again, you can use any style shirt and any color lace to make this shirt personalized for you and your own fashionista style.