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I do not have very many dress shorts, especially ones that are comfy.  I was looking through the fashion posts on Pinterest and found an interesting idea for fancy looking shorts.  These shorts are basically athletic shorts covered by the same color lace.  The easiest color to match was white, so that is the kind of shorts that I made.  I only had three photos to go by for this tutorial, so I deviated from their plan.

STEP 1: Cut one end of the lace to have the design hang off the end of the shorts.


STEP 2: Lay the lace over the shorts and pin it along the seams of the shorts.

STEP 3: Sew, by hand or with a machine, along the seams. (legs, waist, etc.)


STEP 4: Cut off the excess lace.


STEP 5: Tack down the places where the lace sticks out or off.

STEP 6: Wear them.

Pinner’s Notes:  Make sure you leave enough room for movement in the lace that covers the shorts.  If you do not, you will rip them or they will not fit correctly.  Also, I thought that white Sophie shorts would look just as cool with black lace over the top, or vice versa.  You could even do this with other colored shorts, even neon.  I did not have a sewing machine handy when I was making these, it would have made this project go so much faster, easier and it would have turned out better than it did.  I hand sewed my shorts and used black thread to contrast with the white of the shorts.  It is not my favorite project, but I gave it a shot.  The idea is cool; I just need to work on my execution.

The lace trend started to take off about a year ago.  The pattern and the fabric itself is used more regularly in shirts and skirts and is a huge hit in bridal wedding gowns.  Lace has become one of the top fashion choices of 2012 and is continuing to be a big trend.  I plan on trying another project with making lace soon.