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Pinterest.  Pinning your interests.  Clever name, yes, but is it a clever site?


The purpose of Pinterest is to provide users with an internet-based image bookmarking system, so in other words an easy on-line cork board.  It is a place to organize and keep track of projects, help plan trips and log your ideas on fashion technology or anything your heart desires.

The general idea is quite simple.  You make yourself an account and tell Pinterest what you are interested in looking at.  Start browsing through a variety of pins [a pin is an image bookmark that connects you to the original source].  When you find a pin that you like, you can pin it onto your own board [a board is a location where you can organize your pins by topic or category].  There are options to brows other user’s board and Pinterest gives you the opportunity to follow them [to follow someone means that you will be able to see their pins without having to look the person up].  These followed pins and boards will show up on your Home Feed [a home feed is a collection of all the pins from pinners that you follow].

The development of Pinterest started in December of 2009 and the site was launched as an invitation-only site with 5,000 users, but as soon as nine months after being open to the public, the site had 10,000 users.  The launch of the iPhone app in March of 2011 brought more users than expected and the company has been growing ever since.  By January of 2012 comScore, an internet analytics company reported Pinterest had 11.7 users.

I became a ‘pinner’ in October of 2012 and have pinned a lot in a board entitles ’Crafty Things’.  On this board I have been pinning things I found that would make cool gifts, things that inspire me, things that would be neat to try and things that I would never have thought of trying.  Some of these ideas that I have come across seem like they are too good to be true, so I want to find out and actually create what I have pinned.