On June 9a BFA senior from Cardinal Stritch University was featured on WISN 12 news.  This student was me.  I had conducted and created a visual interview with a now graduate student at Stritch about his involvement and volunteerism in the Arts at Large organization in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


This started off as a class project.  My class of about five people and I over the course of the semester were learning the techniques of TV broadcasting, interviewing, visual elements, and audio elements.  We had the great opportunity to have workshops with an established reported from WISN to help guide us through our ideas.

It was revealed to us that there was a chance that one or more of us students might be selected to appear on TV to broadcast and share our process on television.  This news didn’t effect what and how I was going to create my 2 minute piece.  I still worked hard, did my research and came up with solutions to the obstacles that came up along the way.  I contacted Darrell, the school that he was volunteering at, the persons in charge of Arts @ Large and set up a schedule for the creation of my project.

After all my work was finished and my projects was shot, uploaded and edited, I handed it in.  About two weeks later I got a phone call asking if I would be interested in coming to the WISN station to talk about my work.  Of course I said yes and began to get the nerves.  Normally I am the person most comfortable behind the camera rather than in front of it, but this would be a good way to represent not only myself but Darrel and ultimately the Arts @ Large organization and what they have to offer Milwaukee.


On the day of the interview about my project, I brought Darrel with me and we appeared together on LIVE tv.  The interview asked a few questions to me and Darrell and then showed the entire two minute piece that I had created.  It was such a great experience to show my work, think on my feet and I was so glad that I got to spread the word on a specific person and what he does for an amazing organization that is a great asset to Milwaukee.

To watch the video interview that was broadcast, please click the link below: