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I would say that quite a few artist are visual learners….which means we are very good at observing.  I had a great oppertunity to observe art being made in person.  At my summer job, I worked with a guy named ‘Digit’.  Digit was always doodling and sketching.  During some of our many meetings during training week, he would sit down and start sketching.  By the end of the meeting he would have a whole scene drawn on the edges of the handouts we were given.

Watching someone’s design process is quite interesting.  Wether it starts at photo proofs and goes to large scale billboards, or it goes from a simple sketch to a digital design, there are so may decisions to be made.  In watching someone, you are silently observing each and every decision they make; where this line goes, what weight/size marker they use, the addition of color.  Initial designs are created on paper and are not changeable if you make a mistake, but on the computer just Ctrl Z it and you are fine.


About the second week of the summer, Digit had a whole design for the camp we were working at drawn and outlined.  Now, drawing isn’t my strongest avenue of art, but he was really good.  We submitted it for the tee-shirt design for this past summer…and it won.  Digit has a real talent for creating things and putting them on paper.  I saw his preliminary sketches and each step he took to completing his design.  It was intriguing to watch another artist work in their medium from the start of the process to the end product.