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New York photographer, Richard Renaldi, has an interesting take on intimate portraits.  His concept is that complete strangers can show affection for each other for a brief moment in time, his project is to capture that moment.  Renaldi works on the streets of NYC and pulls strangers at random.  He poses these strangers in intimate positions and settings and simply tells them to show a small amount of affection towards the complete stranger just long enough for him to capture it on film.  In my opinion, it is not the photographer that makes these photos a success, he is just the puppeteer.  It is the subjects of the photos that make them successful; their facial expressions and body language are what communicates the sense of comfort and familiarity to each other.  Simply looking at the photos and not knowing the background information about how and why they were taken would lead a viewer to believe that the subjects actually knew and cared for each other.  My favorite line in the video below is: ‘…we are probably missing so much about the people all around us…’ – it really puts reality, about our observances of people and them as actual people like you and me, into perspective.


Photographer Puts Two Strangers Together For Intimate Photographs, And The Results Are Surprising