I have recently been made very aware of the need for both eyes to be a photographer.  I have thought of what would happen if I were to go blind, what would I do with my life?  What could my photography degree and the 4.5 years of schooling I had to achieve that degree amount to?  I always figured that as long as I could get corrective lenses or at least be able to see out of one eye.  For the past two days I have been under quarantine due to the contraction of the virus that causes ‘Pink eye’.  I am not sure how I came in contact with this virus, but I have noticed that my vision is blurred in one eye due to the medicine that I am taking.

I have been using my ‘time off’ to work on and finish up some editing that I needed to do.  This blurry vision, though only in one eye, does effect how I see.  I realized that I started double checking my work; editing one thing then closing one eye and checking to see if it actually looks like I intended it to and getting the opinion of others to make sure as well.  I think this would be a good addition to my creative and design processes, making sure that my work is satisfactory to people who haven’t been staring at the project for an extended period of time.  Fresh eyes and a new perspective are always an asset to achieving perfection.