Disney has been with me ever since I can remember…I am a Disney child. I love to watch and re-watch the movies and especially listen to the soundtracks that match perfectly. People who can sing the songs and mash them together are also something that I would listen to over and over again. I found this A Cappella group on YouTube and was mesmerized for the whole 8 minutes of their performance of a Disney medley. Not only are they singing the words and creating the melody of each song, but they are adding a limited amount of acting as well. The combination between the transitions, the singing, and the acting bring the entertainment value and humor that make this a great performance.  From the start with the classic Disney opening and drawing the half circle over the castle at the beginning through Scuttle’s ‘WaWaWa’ in the middle to end with the mash-up of the main parts of each song, this performance is something that I shared with all of my Disney loving friends.