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Black and white photos are associated with the past, even if the photograph is taken tomorrow on a digital camera and turned black and white in post production, it will instantly have a connotation to the past.  I love black and whit photography, if I could only shoot with a film camera I would, however in the digital age today I would be at a disadvantage.  One advantage of the digital age is that we can take those old black and white photos and re-develop them into color photography, in other words, we can bring them to life and discover the color of history.


Pastincolor.com is a site where you can upload your own black and white photograph and they will use their artistic talent and specialized software to bring the color back into the frame; make the grass green, the sky blue and the rosiness back into cheeks.  Based in Sweden, this company will color correct your photos for nearly $100 and will make sure that you are satisfied with your product.  They have an entire portfolio gallery to view their past work to see their success.  My favorite photos are the more iconic images that we have come to love in black and white, how much differently I look at them in color; how the scene changes the intensity, the emotion and the connection I have with each image.

Photo Gallery: http://forrifarg.se/portfolio?lang=en