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Just about every girl has seen the show ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ and has dreamt of their own wedding day and getting to pick out the dress they will change their life in.  They expect everything they see on the television; the sparkle, the attention, the budget, and the overall spectacular experience these brides to be on television have at these mega stores such as Kelinfeld’s.


I started my wedding dress search at a chain store, David’s Bridal, in Brookfield.  I can’t say what I was expecting to see, I had some ideas of what could happen and what I was hoping to find.  I walked through the big glass door and was placed in an ordinary dress shop, nothing extraordinary, nothing spectacular.  They had a large variety of dresses in plastic garment backs hanging on racks and some on mannequins but nothing jumped out at me.  I filled out some forms and started picking out some dresses at random since no one was assigned to me to help…in the show the dresses are picked out for you.  I was led to a crowded room near a collection of mirrors and was instructed to start trying dresses on in a tiny dressing room off to the side.  In the show, a consultant was assigned to you and was there for the whole process of helping you pick out dresses and helping you try them on.  My mom was the one who actually did the assisting in the room and then I would go out to the mirrors and see how I looked in them.  I was disappointed because my mom was then unable to see the revealing of each dress as my sisters who also came were able to do.

Wedding dresses are a peculiar thing, what you think looks great on a hanger may not be the most flattering on your body and what you think looks like a tangle of fabric on a rack fits you like a glove and makes you feel like a princess.   I tried on twelve dresses at my first appointment and chose two as my favorites.  Both were out of my price range, as I was never asked what my price limit was when I entered the store but both were very pretty.  My number one was a ball gown, much like the one the Disney princess Cinderella wore to the ball, but the one I picked out was a light gray color instead of the traditional white.  The second dress I liked was a lace gown with the perk of pockets.  Both were beautiful dresses yet I didn’t feel either one was the dress.  Overall from my first experience of dress shopping, I was not very impressed and left empty handed.  Granted, I wasn’t expecting to leave with a dress, I still felt torn between the two I liked, but after an hour and a half of trying things on and net getting the assistance from the employees, I just wanted to leave.

I wasn’t in much of a rush to get my dress as I am still ten months away from my wedding now, but I decided to make another dress appointment at a smaller shop closer to my house.  Edith’s is the name and it is the store where my aunt got her dress seven years ago.  I went in with more of an idea of what I was looking for but they had a much more limited selection of dresses than David’s Bridal. Though they were more welcoming at Edith’s, giving me instructions and having my appointment be the only one that my ‘stylist’ was responsible for so she wasn’t running in a billion directions.  I was told to look around and pick five of what I liked, I was given some funky binder clips to mark them and when I was done my stylist helped me into the dresses so that my family, even my mom, could see the look as I walked out.  I tried one a few dresses and fell in love with one that I picked because I liked half of it.  The bottom is not what I thought I would be looking for and it looks nothing like what I had pictured myself in.  But this was my dress, I felt at home and comfortable and beautiful.  To finish the look, my stylist went and picked out different accessories for me to try with the dress.  She brought out different veils all ranging in size, sashes for the dress, and headbands and clips for my hair after the veil would come off after the ceremony.  She was very helpful and I was super impressed with the service overall.

After I ‘said yes to the dress’ and tears were shed by my mother and future mother-in-law, I had to put half of the total payment down so that no one else could see my dress.  As I was filling out all of the paperwork, the stylists took my bridesmaids down stairs to help them start picking out what their dresses might look like.  We were all having a great time that we stayed until the store closed because we felt more at home and taken care of and not rushed or like a commission prospect.  I defiantly would recommend going to a larger store on your first appointment to get a feel of what you are looking for and what you like then finding and purchasing your dress at a smaller local store.

Edith’s Bridal: http://www.ediths.com/
avid’s Bridal: http://www.davidsbridal.com/