I always watch the Olympics as they are broadcast on TV and figure skating and gymnastics are two of my favorite events to watch. I got to see the ‘Fab Five’ get their gold medals and watched them grow in fame. Yet going back to watch their routines and ones from the past and other countries, I am always in awe of what they can do with their bodies alone. Aside from the strength, muscle conditioning and the flexibility needed to preform, they also get points for creativity. The routine and rhythm that goes into a floor routine seem quite simple compared to the flying tricks they do in their stunts, but there are elements in them that can make or break a routine. For example, synchronization of movement and tumbling was a bit off at parts in this routine, but when they were preformed together they looked flawless. The angles made with arms and legs, the curvature of the spine in the stunts, the angles of the stacked bodies are all points towards creativity in gymnastics. This routine shows levels of skill and difficulty and was really fantastic to watch.